Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Molly Musgrove: There's Something about Mary

Mary Ann Savannah Musgrove

Clinch County
Courthouse sign
The story is Betty Collins fell in love and wed David Musgrove in Clinch County, Georgia, where her father and his mother lived. We've found no marriage certificate but that's not surprising.

The courthouse in Clinch County burned down in 1867, the summer their first child was born.

It's also no surprise her first child was born in Baker County, Georgia. It was common for a new mother to give birth to her first child in her hometown.

Betty's mother, brothers, sisters and family doctor were all there. It was where she was raised.

The Children of John David Musgrove

Great, great grandpa* (see relationship notes below) John (known as David) Musgrove - born January 1847 - is the earliest ancestor we've found in our Musgrove line . We're not sure he was a biological Musgrove. Our y-DNA evidence matches a McMurry ancestor around this time.

His biological father isn't the only mystery about our ancestor. The number of his children is disputed. In particular, the Leverette family claims our ancestor fathered some Leverette boys.

In this final post on the subject, we tell grandpa David's story incorporating the Leverette family's rumor.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Musgrove/Bryan/Leverett in 1870


Mt Plesant Cemetery
Ware Cty., Ga.
In this series, we've blogged about our family's McMurray surname connection, evidenced by y-DNA testing.

We then wrote about our oldest known Musgrove connection. He first appears as David Collins on the 1860 federal census in Clinch County, Georgia.

We shared a rumor about some Leverett boys born to him. And we gave the timeline from 1860 to 1870.

In this post we present his story in 1870 through the Leverett family's research and the 1870 federal census.

Musgrove/Bryan/Leverett Timeline

Marker at Mt Plesant
Cemetery, Ware Cty., Ga.

The Story

We last blogged about the rumor we heard on our first research trip to Waycross, Georgia, my father's home town.

Some Leverett family members say our great great grandfather, John David Musgrove , *(see relationship notes) also fathered some Leverette boys.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Leverette Brothers

History of Clinch County
Folks Huxford page 72

The Leverettes

In our post on the 1860 census and the Collins' of Clinch County, Georgia, their family of five - John, Elizabeth and three Collins boys - owned an 18 year old female slave.

Their property was worth $3000.00 and their assets, $2300.00. Their slave was a large part of their worth.

After the war on the 1870 census, John and Elizabeth, two of her sons, her sister, Ellen, her two daughters and Ellen's first grandchild, John Leverette live there. A 'mulatto' seven year old boy lived there, too.

They had no value in property and their personal wealth was $400.00.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Collins in Baker and Clinch Counties

At Mt Plesant Cemetery
Ware County, Georgia

Our Patriarch: David Musgrove 

We blogged last about our Musgrove family research. We couldn't find James Walter Musgrove. Our line a has a recent 'non-paternity event' (the presumed father is not the biological father). In our case we are y-DNA McMurrys.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Musgroves in Clinch County: 1860

"The people of what is now Clinch County, were not rich. The settlers were plain men, honest and thrifty. Their houses were simple buildings, situated generally near the few roads there were. The people did all their work except those who were fortunate enough to own slaves."
Folks Huxford: History of Clinch County page 17

Our known Musgrove family name history starts in Clinch County, Georgia with David and Betty (Collins) Musgrove, one year before the American Civil War. Only recently converted from the McMurry surname, in the first record of our Musgrove ancestor he is David Collins.