Saturday, March 7, 2015

Musgrove Y-DNA: We Are Family, Aren't We?

Musgrove Y-DNA

DNA testing is part of our family research. Through's DNA test we've met, online and in person, other Musgrove descendants of our second great grandfather, David. But it was to Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)'s Y-DNA test we turned to answer the question, 
"Is the family tradition true? Did our ancestor, James Walter Musgrove, come from Baker County, Georgia?" 
To find the answer my father took their Y-DNA test and we joined their Musgrove surname project.

Y-DNA testing looks at the DNA in the Y-chromosome, a sex chromosome that is responsible for maleness. All males have one Y-chromosome in each cell and copies are passed down (virtually) unchanged from father to son each generation.*

A surname DNA project is a genealogy research group which uses DNA tests to trace male lineage. 
These are not the DNA tests on TV. The tests are only good for genealogy. They provide no medical information and the results are only shared (with your consent) with other family researchers. 

It turned out my father's Y-DNA profile distantly matches the surname Hudson and matches no tested Musgrove line. However, not many Musgroves have tested and joined the project. We hope to change that.

We’re seeking Y-DNA donors. The FTDNA Musgrove surname project administrator has a fund setup to cover the cost of the test for the right candidates. The Y-DNA donor must be a male Musgrove, with an unbroken male Musgrove lineage. 

The FTDNA Musgrove surname project  is looking for male descendants of James Walter Musgrove, b. ca 1823 through either Charles H Musgrove, b. 1849 Ga; d.1915 Ga. or James W Musgrove, b. 1852 Ga. d. 1925 Fla. The family was from Homerville in Clinch County, Ga.

We're  also seeking descendants of the following ancestors.  The project wants to test at least two people on each line. 

1. The Baker County, Ga. Musgroves; including Gordon Musgrove, born bet. 1820-1825-Baker Co., Ga [said to be a son of Larkin Culbert/Cuthbert Musgrove) 

2. Edward Beaks Musgrove, born 1752-SC, died 1820-SC [a son of Edward Musgrove of Musgrove Mill] 

The test is easy. The kit comes in the mail. You swab your mouth, seal the sample in the collection device provided and mail it back in the pre-paid package. Then, wait for the results.

As part of the Musgrove project, you’ll get help comparing your sample to other Musgrove tests in the project.  

We’re mixing Musgrove family genealogy with DNA research. 

Interested in this research opportunity? Are you a Musgrove family genealogist or historian? Do you want periodic updates about the Musgrove findings? 

E-mail me at 

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NoteRelationships, such as grandmother, 2nd great, etc., are expressed from the perspective of the grandchildren of Willis Edgar and Carrie (known as) Mae (Merritt) Musgrove.


  1. I am a female Musgrove descendent. I have had my DNA done on ancestry. Can this be used to help with the study some way. We have a few direct male Musgroves but can't find their linage.

  2. Yes, ancestry DNA testing can help. We've set up a Facebook page to share and compare results.

    Join us there!

  3. I too tested autosomal as did my Great Uncle. We match many Musgrove surname testers. I don't know how. On Ancestry, I match two Great Grandchildren of John David and America Woodard Musgrove through Nora Hattie Musgrove, two Great Grandchildren from Minnie Lee Musgrove/John M Dial, and one Great Grandchild of Edward C and Macy Carol Williams Musgrove (all from John D and Arissa Collins Musgrove). (My Great Uncle matches 4 testers from Edward C Musgrove and one from sister Laura Janet Musgrove/PHillip Wildes on FTDNA) I also match descendants of Elizabeth Musgrove/John Norris and two descendants of her brother William Musgrove/Sarah Richardson. In addition my Great Uncle also matches one from Larkin C Musgrove/Marcinda Mercer. (All these were supposedly from John E Musgrove/Jane Owens). I match one with John E Musgrove's brother Cuthbert Musgrove/Elizabeth Wilson. Go up one more generation to siblings Edward Musgrove/Ann Crosby and Daughter Musgrove/C Cunningham and I match one of each. Go up another generation to siblings Benjamin Musgrove/Lydia and Charles Musgrove and one from each of these lines. I tested on FTDNA and match no Musgroves even though my Great Uncle does and I do on Ancestry.
    I'm am matching descendants of James Walter Musgrove, b. ca 1823 through John D Musgrove but not Charles H Musgrove, b. 1849 Ga; d.1915 Ga. or James W Musgrove, b. 1852 Ga. d. 1925 Fla, and James' brother Larkin, both from Larkin Musgrove/Nancy Poole.
    My family lived in Baker Co, GA and Jefferson Co, GA. Knights, Speirs, Tiners. Some Musgroves married into the Jordan clan. My Great Uncle matches two Jordan's and it's possible that his Great Grandfather was married to a female Jordan, daughter of Nathan Jordan. Nathan lives next door to Larkin Musgrove in 1840.
    So I'm interested in your Hudson, McMurry Ydna results. I have a Hudson/Richardson line in Bedford, VA.