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Musgrove/Bryan/Leverett in 1870


Mt Plesant Cemetery
Ware Cty., Ga.
In this series, we've blogged about our family's McMurray surname connection, evidenced by y-DNA testing.

We then wrote about our oldest known Musgrove connection. He first appears as David Collins on the 1860 federal census in Clinch County, Georgia.

We shared a rumor about some Leverett boys born to him. And we gave the timeline from 1860 to 1870.

In this post we present his story in 1870 through the Leverett family's research and the 1870 federal census.

Between 1860 - 1870 Census'

Our great, great grandfather*(see relationship notes) John, known by his middle name, David Musgrove married a daughter of his mom's second husband, Elizabeth Arissa (known as Betty) Collins.

Mt Plesant Cemetery
Ware Cty., Ga.
Ten years earlier thirteen year old grandpa David was living with his mother and his wife's father in Clinch County, Georgia with his two younger brothers, all under the Collins surname.

His future wife, Elizabeth Arissa (known as Betty) Collins lived with her mother and six siblings in Baker County, Georgia that year.

Grandpa David is listed on the Property Tax Digests Index in Ware County, Georgia for the years 1862 and 1867-1869. He owns no property; he is counted in the 'Poll of Whites' column. He has two daughters with grandma Betty by 1870.

We haven't found them on the 1870 census.

Clinch County 1870 Census

1870 federal census
Clinch Cty., Ga.

Mt Plesant Cemetery
Ware Cty., Ga.
David's mother - Elizabeth (Bryan) Musgrove - married Betty's father - John Forbes Collins - in 1867 in Berrien County, Georgia.

In 1870 John and Elizabeth Collins and David's two brothers; Charles (20 years old) and James (19) were counted in Clinch County, Georgia .

Grandpa David's aunt Ellen B(ryan) Leverette, the younger sister of his mother, and her unmarried daughters - Elizabeth, known as Betty, (21 years old) - and Mary (19) - live with them.

John Leverett
1869 - 1935
John Leverett

Unmarried Betty Leverett's first child, John, born May 17th, 1869, lives with his mom, his grandmother and his great aunt, Elizabeth. A seven year old 'mulatto' boy, Joseph Collins, lives there, too.

John was the first of three boys born to Betty. Her only daughter died in childhood.

The adult John Levertt would marry our great great grandmother, Lucy Williams. She, too, was an unwed mother.

Her daughter, Macy Carol Williams, would marry our great grandfather, Edward Columbus Musgrove.

Sam Leverett

"Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia
Volume IX; page 292

Samuel Leverett
1873 - 1955
Samuel Leverett was the second child child born to Betty Leverett on December 25th, 1873.

In Volume IX, page 292 of Folk's Huxford's "Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia" family histories series a grand-daughter of Sam Leverett submitted a biography of her ancestor.

According to the published account, Sam Leverett was the son of an "unknown Musgrove" who boarded with her mother at her aunt's house.

The Leverett family account is more specific.

Betty Leverett

From page twelve of their Leverett family history:
'Betty was an epileptic, she never married but she had at least four children. ...When she became pregnant out-of wedlock her father kicked her out. ...her mother and sisters left with her. She went to the home of Ellen's sister, Elizabeth. There she had three more children, (each) four years apart."

Charlie Leverett

Dolly, Charley and baby Marie Leverett
"Sam told his favorite grandchild, Florris, daughter of Alfred, that his father was a preacher and his name was Musgrove 
Ida, Sam's daughter and Marie, Charlie's daughter, said their father had a half brother by the name of Edward C. Musgrove. Edward married the step daughter of John."
Betty Leverett's last child, Charlie Gueto Leverett, was born March 1st, 1881.

He married Dolly Strickland and their first child was a daughter, Marie.

Edward Columbus Musgrove

Edward Columbus Musgrove was our great grandfather, born April 20th, 1883, to David and Betty (Collins) Musgrove.

He married thirteen year old Macy Williams, daughter of Lucy Williams, step-daughter of John Leverett.

The Leverett story is at least Sam and Charlie - and possibly John and Ida - were also fathered by grandpa David.

In our next post, using the Leverett account, historical and genealogical records, we'll attempt to tell this story from our family's perspective.

NoteRelationships are expressed from the perspective of the grandchildren of Willis Edgar and Carrie (known as) Mae (Merritt) Musgrove. 

*Terms of relationship - grandmother, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc.  - are used here generically to include  relatives such as fourth great grandfathers, great grand uncles, second cousins twice removed, etc.

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