Tuesday, May 29, 2018

John Musgrove: Our Ancestor

Our Georgia Musgrove family shares a surname with the 'Pocahontas of the South'; Mary Musgrove. Her husband, John, was first to welcome James Oglethorpe to what would become the new colony of Georgia.

Mary Musgrove was a Creek Indian. John Musgrove, Jr.'s mother was Cherokee. His father was a South Carolina Indian trader and mediator to the colonists.  John and Mary married in 1715 as part of peace negotiations. All their offspring died in childhood.

St Cuthbert's Church
Edenhall, England
Our own ancestor, John Musgrove, Jr.,* (see relationship notes at bottom of page)  was born in Maryland around the same year the Georgia Musgroves married. His grandfather, Cuthbert Musgrave, was born in 1644 and came to the Baltimore Colony from Edenhall, England.

Grandpa Cuthbert descended from a long line of Musgrave Lords and Barons. He changed his name to Musgrove shortly after he arrived in Maryland. His only son John was two years old when his father died. From John Musgrove, Sr., comes the largest Musgrove family clan in the USA.

Friday, May 25, 2018

George Leonard Merritt: The Yankee in the Swamp

George Leonard Merritt

We began our family research looking for an Indian

Rumor had it our grandmother, Carrie "Mae" (Merritt) Musgrove, *(see realtionship note at bottom of page) was one-quarter native American. And her father was born in the Okefenokee Swamp.

Instead of a Native American in Georgia's famous bog, we found George Leonard Merritt; a young Union soldier originally from Connecticut. He was grandma Musgrove's grandfather.

An earlier blog about our grandpa George Leonard Merritt misstated his age and wondered how he ended up in the Okefenokee Swamp. 
We've found some answers since then.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Henry Merritt: Amazon Cousins

Gordon and Ann Stewart
"The Henry Merritt is the same George Henry Merritt to which you referred. ...All my records show that this Lydia A. Stewart Webb was the daughter of my great-great grandfather, Gordon S. Stewart."  
E-Mail from William Stewart 
Gordon S and Ann (Taylor) Stewart are our third great grandparents*. Their daughter, Lydia, married and had a family with William J Webb. He was killed fighting for the South in the Civil War. Then she took up with a former Union soldier from Connecticut, George Leonard Merritt. Our great grandfather George 'Henry' Merritt was their only surviving child.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Civil War Stories: Deserters

Our second great grandfather, George Leonard Merritt, was a Union soldier in the Sixth Regiment, Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. He was wounded on July 10, 1863 in the first attack on Fort Wagner, South Carolina.

The Assault on Fort Wagner
July 18, 1863
One week later, on July 18th, his regiment was part of the disastrous second attack on Fort Wagner. The Union forces retreated under fire.

"In leaving Wagner that night, the ditch we crossed was filled with the dead and wounded... . Our loss was quite heavy...the total figures footed up to 141 killed, wounded and missing." 
Chap V: The Old Sixth Regiment, Its War Record

Civil War Stories: The Color Bearers

According to his war records, our great, great grandfather, George Leonard Merritt, served in the 6th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

He was wounded early July 10, 1863, at the First Battle of Fort Wagner, South Carolina.

His unit took 215 'Johnnies' prisoner and a rebel flag.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Lydia A. Smith: Queen of the Okefenokee

Lydia (Smith) Stone

Lydia (Smith) Stone

"Born a dreamer, she became an empire-builder and a living legend in her time. 
Lydia Stone was the name she was best known by, but she was born Lydia Smith and died Lydia Crews, the name of her second husband." 
Ware County Georgia  Biography Lydia Stone

Monday, January 29, 2018

William and Elizabeth (Stewart) Smith

Elizabeth 'Sarah' (Stewart) Smith

Elizabeth (Stewart) Smith
"Gordon S and Ann Stewart had the following known children:

Elizabeth b. 1823 m. William Smith
Priscilla b. 1825 m. Berry Whitley
Lydia b. 1827 m. William J Webb
William Gordon b. 1830 m. ThursdayAnn Lee
Mary b. 1837 m. Lemuel Pittman
Matilda b. 1837 m. C G B W Parker
Martha b. 1838 m. Elias Pittman"