Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Indians and DNA: Keeping It in the Musgrove Family

We blogged last about the search for our ancestor,  James Walter Musgrove, Sr. According to family lore, he was our third great grand-father from Baker County, Georgia. We've not found him; but we're still trying.

David R Moore

In that respect, we're fortunate  to have a DNA researcher in our family; David R Moore. He descends from Laura Janet Musgrove (b 1868 - d 1919 • Waycross, Ware County, Georgia.) 

She married Phillip Eugene Wildes, (b 1869 • d 1919 • Waycross, Ware County, Georgia), an ancestor of the of the Wildes' Family Indian massacre.

If you've been to the main entrance of the Okefenokee Swamp Park you've  seen the Wildes Cabin Museum.

According to Gertrude (Wildes) Johnson (her great grandfather John escaped) in her account, "The Wildes Massacre",

"Mr. & Mrs. (Maxmillan ed.) Wildes and seven children were killed.  Through Dubus Bay, four  sons - Reuben, the oldest; 16 years old, Jim, Jesse, and John - and Alice Wilkinson, (a)  little girl who came to spend the night, escaped."
Katie Wildes -  Family Historian
from left, clockwise:
Phillip, Laura Janet,
Katie and Spencer Wildes

David's family has researched their Musgrove roots extensively. His aunt, Katie Wildes (pictured right with family), was Richard Graham's source for our family in his book 'American Family Musgrove' (hosted PDF file; our family, age 725).

David researched the Musgrove family on paper in the nineties; before he began his DNA research. He shares his work, which has benefited this researcher immensely.

Wiregrass Musgrove DNA Project

David runs the Wiregrass Musgrove DNA Project. As he explains it, the project:

"...uses DNA genealogy testing to prove relationships established through traditional genealogy research and to identify new branches of the family of James Walter Musgrove. 

David R Moore
While the James Walter Musgrove family is well researched, we hit a brick wall with James Walter Musgrove. With the advent of new DNA testing, we hope to break down that wall. 

We're testing biological, Musgrove surnamed males from each branch of James Walter's three sons; John David, Charles H, and James Walter, Jr.

This test is not the one you've seen on TV. It provides no medical information. It's for genealogy research. And it's painless - just swab the inside of your cheek."

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)

David has researched DNA genealogy since 2008 and administrates several DNA projects at  Family Tree DNA (FTDNA); the only genealogy DNA test company that offers the yDNA test.

Genealogical DNA testing is still fairly expensive. The Wiregrass Musgrove Project is raising
funds to test willing participants who are unable to pay for their test.

The Wiregrass Musgrove Project coordinates with FTDNA's Musgrove surname project. They have a  General Fund Contribution page. Earmark your donations for the Wiregrass Musgrove DNA Project.

Comment below or on our Facebook page if you are interested in helping this research.

Note: Not only has David given his time to research our surname, he's paid for some tests himself. This is his passion. Nothing thrills him more than getting a new test kit to research.

Let's build up some funds to help with this project. The process is transparent.

I just donated $50.00 to seed fund the cause. If this work interests you, will you help out?

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