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Riding to the Chapel: Willis Edgar Musgrove

It all started...

It all started June 13th, 1929 with a ride on a horse drawn wagon. That day our grandparents* married.

The ride to their wedding

Grandpa Musgrove on a
horse dawn wagon
courtesy Willie Musgrove
Grandpa Willis Edgar and grandma Carrie (known by) Mae (Merritt) Musgrove rode a horse drawn carriage to get married on June 13th, 1929. Just nineteen years old, grandma was a beautiful, if less than beaming, bride that day.

Grandma told the story to my mom while at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta just before she died of ovarian cancer on 12th of March, 1983. Grandpa Musgrove died almost one year before, on  the 24th April, 1982.

As grandma (Merritt) Musgrove recalled, grandpa Musgrove didn't want a big wedding. Only his older sister, Zilpha (Musgrove) Merritt , and her older brother, Joe, themselves married to one another, would witness the ceremony. To grandma's surprise, grandpa invited a few of his people.

Mom can't say for sure whether grandma found that out at the ceremony or shortly before but, whenever it was, grandma remembered.

From Ware County marraige records
filed under 'M' page 32

The ride home

Joe and Zilpha
(Musgrove) Merritt
They were staying at great aunt Zilpha's and great uncle Joe's house that night. The ceremony was in the afternoon.

It was after dark when the horse drawn wagon arrived home with the newlyweds. They arrived first.

When they went inside the house, grandma said she couldn't see anything; but the house smelled very clean. She remembered thinking that aunt Zilpha must be a good housekeeper. They sat on the couch and waited quietly in the dark until aunt Zilpha and uncle Joe got home.

Willis Edgar and
Carrie 'Mae' (Merritt) Musgrove

As she told it, when her brother and sister-in-law got home they lit the kerosene lamps, sat down and talked for awhile. Then grandpa Musgrove got up and went to bed, leaving her on the couch with his sister and her brother.

It all started...

So there it is; a story grandma Musgrove wanted to tell in her last days. It started on a wagon that morning,...and might have have ended on a couch that night.

But nine children and many grand and great grandchildren later, we know for sure; she did go to bed.

This family page represents the most current state of our research. It will be updated as new or conflicting information becomes known. If you have any information on this family, please contact me or add a comment to this page. 

NoteRelationships are expressed from the perspective of the grandchildren of Willis Edgar and Carrie (known as) Mae (Merritt) Musgrove. 

*Terms of relationship - grandmother, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc.  - are used here generically to include  relatives such as fourth great grandfathers, great grand uncles, second cousins twice removed, etc.

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