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Calvin Greenberry Washington Parker

Calvin Greenberry Washington Parker was a great uncle* (see relationship notes at bottom of page) of our grandmother, Carrie Mae (Merritt) Musgrove, through both her parents.

Calvin Greenberry Washington Parker
Calvin was the half brother of our third great grandfather, William (Short-Armed Bill) Parker, Jr., whose home was attacked by Indians.

He was the uncle of Sarah Parker who married Allen Raymond Williams. The Parker and Williams family were founding members of the Little Utah Mormon Church.

He was the great-uncle of Mary Jane Elizabeth Williams and he was  the namesake for her brother, Calvin Greenberry Washington Williams. She married the son of a former Union soldier, George (known by his middle name) Henry Merritt.

Calvin G. W. Parker was also the great uncle of our grandmother, Carrie Mae Merritt, through her father, Henry Merritt.
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia Vol 5

Judge Folks Huxford

Folks Huxford's sketch of  Calvin G.W. Parker is in his  Pioneers of Wiregrass Vol 5, pages 326-328. It begins:
"Calvin Greenberry Washington Parker was ...a son of William and Sarah Parker Lastinger and grandson if John Lastinger (Vol 1). He was the brother of William Parker (Vol 1)." 
Pioneers of Wiregrass Vol 5
Judge Folks Huxford  is wrong. Sarah Lastinger died in childbirth with her first child, our grandfather, William Parker, Sr.
"Though only one son and child is known to have been born to the marriage of Sarah Lastinger, daughter of John the Immigrant, and William Parker, revolutionary Soldier, the descendants of this couple are many. William Parker's descendants by his second and possible third wives are many also."
The John Lastinger Family of America page 190 (hosted pdf file)
Calvin was born sixteen years after his half-brother, Bill Parker.

Military Service and Career

"Mr. Parker was known by his acquaintances in his day as "Dr. Parker" and was said to have been a physician of some ability, but whether he was a licensed physician or graduate of some medical college, cannot now be learned.

He served in the Indian War in this section, as a private in Capt. N. J. Holton's company of Appling County militia in 1838."

Pioneers of Wiregrass Vol 5

Marriages and Children

1850 - Hannah Webb

1850 Ware County,Georgia census
"The 1850 Census (zoomable pdf file) shows Dr. Parker with wife Hannah and the first three in Ware county. "
Pioneers of Wiregrass Vol 5
"It would appear by the ages shown  in the census of 1850...the first child William was born...when his mother was ten years old, the second child..(at) twelve and the third...(at) seventeen." 
Addendum to Pioneers of Wiregrass Vol 5 page 328

The Gordon and Ann Stewart family with their young daughters live next door in 1850.

1860 - Matilda Stewart

1860 New River County Fl. census

Matilda Parker is Matilda Stewart, sister of our grandmother Lydia (Stewart) Webb

Nine months after Hanna's youngest son was born, in March,  1851, she gave birth to a child with Calvin G W Parker. Their next child was born in New River County, Florida.
"In 1860 (zoomable pdf file) he was living in New River (now Bradford) County, Fla., with wife Matilda and...eight children..."Pioneers of Wiregrass Vol 5
The connection between grandma Lydia's first husband - the slain Confederate soldier William Webb - and Hannah Webb, C G W Parker's first wife, is not now known. Uncle Calvin's oldest sons with Hanna (Webb) Parker are almost young adults on the 1860 census. Infant Joseph is ten years old. Matilda (Stewart) Parker is the  mother of the younger five children.

The Stone family with their young daughters live next door.

1870 - Hannah Webb Parker

1870 Coffee County, Ga. census
"The 1870 Census (zoomable pdf file) shows him living in Coffee County, Ga., with wife Hannah and children Calvin, Lydia Ann, Gordon, Martha E., Mary, Jonas D. and James M., the last-named being 3 months old."
Pioneers of Wiregrass Vol 5

"It would appear by the...censuses of the 1850, 1860 and 1870...(Calvin ed,) was living with his first wife in 1850 and again in 1870."

Addendum to Pioneers of Wiregrass Vol 5 page 328

1880 - Jane Stone

In 1880 (zoomable pdf file) uncle Calvin lived with Jane (Stone) Parker and six Parker children. She is the mother of the youngest three kids.

1880 Coffee County Ga. census
"Whether the Doctor was ever divorced from his first wife or his second wife is not known..neither is the date of any of his marriages obtainable."
Addendum to Pioneers of Wiregrass Vol 5 page 328

Death and Burial

"Dr. Parker died at his home in Coffee County, March 4, 1893, and was buried at Arnie Primitive Baptist Church"
Pioneers of Wiregrass Vol 5
*NoteRelationships, such as grandmother, 2nd great, etc., are expressed from the perspective of the grandchildren of Willis Edgar and Carrie (known as) Mae (Merritt) Musgrove.

Terms of relationship - grandmother, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc.  - are used here generically to include  relatives such as fourth great grandfathers, great grand uncles, second cousins twice removed, etc.

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