Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Story About Stories

On February 26th, 2010, my life partner of nineteen years died. Eight months later, September 20th, my twenty-four year old daughter died, too. One day I'll tell their stories; not today. Today, I'll tell a story about stories.

Clockwise, back row from left:
David, Bruce,Eddie and Jennifer

After they died I cleaned out their stuff. I threw out or gave away the things that had no special meaning to me. I learned the things that define a person's life can easily be stored in a medium sized box.

I've learned a lot more, too, since then. I've learned, in the end, what matters most is your loved ones pictures and their stories. Their boxes are filled with memories of Jennifer and Bruce; photos and reminders of their stories.

And I've learned, when you're the last one standing, what you miss most of all is that there's no one left to finish the family stories or laugh at the inside jokes.

Recently I began researching my family history. And, once again, the most interesting thing about the research is the pictures and the stories. I'll be sharing those on this blog.

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